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Our Story

What's in a Name?

Eudemo is short for ‘Eudemonia’ - an Ancient Greek term meaning ‘the happiness and flourishing found through purposeful action’.

We believe this perfectly captures our spirit: to help both individuals and wider society flourish, by applying new tools to tackle the challenges that matter most head on.

Meet the Founder

Eudemo was founded by Rory Preston in 2022, with the aim of raising the tide of innovation around the biggest challenges facing our society - sometimes referred to as the 'Big F*@king Problems'.

Rory graduated from the University of Cambridge with a double first in Economics, before moving onto a Master's at the University of Edinburgh, in Operations Research & Statistics (Distinction).

Rory has worked across both data & analytics consulting, and software startups - with roles at JMAN Group, Count and Limber.

If you'd like to read more about Rory's path to starting Eudemo, then you can check out his blog post, or get in touch.

Working with Rory.

Interested in working with us? You can be sure you’re in great hands.

An exceptional data & analytics consultant.

"Rory cuts to the root of problems, has a huge toolbox of skills & technology to apply on projects, and produces clear & actionable recommendations for clients.

Rory should be a go-to for any analytics projects, or even just as a sounding board for anyone starting to think about how they could use data more effectively”

A rare commodity even in his expert field.

"All clients were left with a deep admiration of how Rory worked, with their expectations typically far exceeded and problems solved.

He is a pleasure to work with and with a unique combination of technical skills and personal capabilities that make him a rare commodity even in the expert field he operates in. I look forward to chances to work together again in the future.”

Workforce Analytics & Strategy Consultant

One of the most capable individuals I've ever worked with.

"Rory designed Limber's Job Matching Engine (JME) which is the cornerstone of the product offering & led the off-shore implementation team to deliver it.

After Limber launched, Rory used data from the Limber platform & 3rd party market data to build a data model that validated and improved Limber's growth strategy. This work was pivotal to securing early stage Private Equity investment."

Co-Founder at Limber

He sets an unfailing example of professionalism, energy and skill.

"Rory has been hugely influential to me, and to JMAN Group as a business. He was a calm and patient teacher and hugely inspiring colleague. He sets an unfailing example of professionalism, energy and skill. I feel grateful and privileged to have been his colleague and friend."

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