Impact tech with data at its core.

We help you build and grow through full-stack data, analytics, and algorithm development - partnering with the startups and scaleups tackling our most pressing challenges.

Why choose Eudemo

From the ground up.

We integrate seamlessly to become part your team, helping you build from the ground up.

Backed by data.

We bring top-notch technical expertise across all things data, analytics, and algorithms.

Holistic approach.

We think beyond just our technical domain, to help you achieve product lift-off.

Our Services

Our services are split into three complimentary branches.

Eudemo Analytics

Full-stack data, analytics & algorithm development - for data-centric products and data-informed companies.

Eudemo Ventures

Helping you get to product-market fit, through product strategy, user research, and overall venture architecture.

Eudemo Network

Beyond our own expertise, building and curating a network of top notch company-building talent, to help you win.

Our Goal

Eudemo is here to bring the power of data-enabled software and analytics to bear on the world’s most pressing problems.

We work in close partnership with the startups and scaleups building game-changing products - in particular those with applied science at their core.

How We Work

We pride ourselves on our clear communication, the transparency of our work, and building absolute trust with the companies we work with.

Our focus is on creating a tight, collaborative relationship with our clients, and becoming a valued part of their team.

We also make sure we sweat the details, and do things properly from the start - so that you can feel sure you're in safe hands.

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We’re delighted to be working with Eudemo.

“We’re delighted to be working with Rory from Eudemo, and we’ve been incredibly impressed by the skills that Eudemo brings to Visible’s development.”

CEO & Co-Founder @ Visible

An asset to anyone trying to supercharge their software.

“Rory from Eudemo played a key role in developing our target persona and testing and evolving early prototypes of Count. He'd be an asset to anyone trying to supercharge their software through user-focused design.”

CEO & Co-Founder @ Count

We’re incredibly grateful for the impact Eudemo has had on Visible’s development.

“We're incredibly grateful for the impact Eudemo have had on Visible's development so far. I would absolutely recommend Eudemo to anybody building an early-stage company looking for help with full-stack data and analytics. Thank you so much, Rory and Eudemo!”

COO & Co-Founder @ Visible

“The emergence of Eudemo is a testament to Rory's huge determination, and I'm sure it will go on to be an important enterprise”

Senior Research Fellow @ AIA and Whittle Lab, University of Cambridge

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